Our Services


We provide orthodontics to improve your smile whatever your age. We treat the growing child the adolescent and the adult.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Dublin Dental Clinic can help you maintain that beautiful healthy smile with some simple procedures.

Dental Implants

A Dental Implant is a “screw in tooth”. It can be placed at the tooth site at the time of extraction but most are placed later on.

Restorative Treatments

Whether it is a sports accident or a natural erosion of teeth, Dublin Dental can help to restore that beautiful smile


Missing teeth can be replaced with dentures, which are removable. They can replace some teeth (partial dentures)

Preventative Treatments

Dental success is reliant on the health of the underlying gums and supporting bone. Dublin Dental hygienists will tailor-make an oral


The nerve of the tooth can be damaged by decay or injury. Occasionally the nerve dies and an abscess can follow. To save the tooth,

Other Treatments

We perform simple extractions and also more difficult surgical extractions. The latter is required.


The rebuilding of back teeth using porcelain or special resin onlays re-strengthens broken teeth as well as improving the smile for the patient. Read More


Good dental hygiene is the most successful way of preventing long-term dental and gum problems.