Other Treatments

Here are some of the other treatments that Dublin Dental can offer to our patients:

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

We perform simple extractions and also more difficult surgical extractions. The latter is required when it is easier to take the tooth out in sections. Wisdom teeth are often surgical extractions. The real difficult ones we refer to an Oral surgeon.

Sometimes wisdom teeth lie close to a main nerve and for that reason the Oral Surgeon is the person who is most suitable for the procedure.

We will explain all of this to you at the consultation stage (whether we can extract the tooth or whether you should be referred). If so, we can arrange the referral on your behalf.

Most often wisdom teeth extraction is covered by VHI, Quinn Healthcare and other insurers.

Bone Grafting

The bone around a tooth usually disappears after it is extracted. Occasionally it is advisable to preserve the ridge/bone support to allow placement of an implant in the future or to give a more pleasing gum line for a bridge. Therefore, we may recommend that at the time of your extraction, we place a supporting graft material into the socket.



Snoring Devices

Snoring is caused by vibration of muscles in the upper airway. This can often be due to an obstruction. Here at Dublin Dental, we can make a specific appliance to help reduce your snoring and avoid all the associated domestic strife!

Teeth Grinding

Grinding or clenching your teeth can wear them down. Occasionally these habits can lead to facial pain and headaches. We provide advice, reassurance and treatment when necessary.

This can involve a simple course of anti-inflammatories (e.g Neurofen) or a special night brace. This is called an occlusal splint. It protects your teeth from wear and hopefully it may help to reduce the damaging habit.

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