Preventative Treatments

Dental success is reliant on the health of the underlying gums and supporting bone. Dublin Dental hygienists will tailor-make an oral health programme to suit your needs.

Dental Hygiene

The health of the mouth starts with good oral hygiene. Lisa and Annemarie, our two hygienists, will be more than willing to help toy with best methods of brushing and flossing. Smoking cessation advice is also available. It is recommended to see the hygienist approximately every 6 months. We recommend an appointment every 3 months where more significant gum problems exist.

Gum and Periodontal Disease

Dental Plaque is a bacterial film which gathers at the neck of the teeth. Here it initially just causes inflammation or gum disease. This is recognised by gums that bleed on brushing and flossing. If left untreated, it will progress to the more destructive Periodontal disease (Pyorrhoea) where the supporting bone of the tooth is lost.

Here at Dublin Dental, we provide full treatment for both gum disease (scaling) to deeper root cleaning and periodontal disease. At consultation, we will discuss your level of disease and arrange the appropriate treatment for you.

Bad Breath

Bad breath is usually due to poor oral hygiene. Our hygienists, Lisa and Annemarie, will explain all this to you. Smoking can also contribute. Occasionally the bad breath may have origins in other areas like your stomach.

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Early Decay Detection

Early detection of decay can often avoid the need for fillings altogether. At Dublin Dental, we use laser detection Diagnodent which can detect early cavities on biting surfaces. We also provide flouride treatments to remineralise early decay on smooth surfaces.

Fissure Sealants

Fissure sealants are clear resins placed on the biting surfaces to prevent decay especially on newly erupted teeth. Essentially, they are like a strong clear nail varnish.

Our hygienists provide this service. Typically this is for 6, 7, 8 year olds. However in some situations they can be provided for older ages.

Screening for Mouth Cancer

Mouth cancer can occur in areas like tongue, cheek lining, floor of the mouth.

Dentists and hygienists at Dublin Dental are vigilant in our attempts for early detection. This early detection improves chances of survival/recovery.

We also provide advice on lifestyle issues that may increase your risk, such as smoking and alcohol consumption.

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